What does Rising Star Gymnastics offer?

Rising Star Gymnastics offers programs for students just beginning to walk up through 17 year old. Our Gymini Crickets class is a parent participation for tots who are walking up through 3 ½ years. Our Sweet Peas Educational Gymnastics program is for infants 6 months of age through 6 years. Classes from 6 months through 2 years are parent participation. We also offer Recreational Gymnastics and Tumbling and Trampoline classes for boys and girls ages 6 and up. Our NinjaZone and Sports Agility programs are a mix of parkour, martial arts, gymnastics and freestyle movement, and are designed to introduce kids to the exciting world of ninja sport!

Can my child do a trial to see if they like the class?

We are not offering in person trials at this time in order to keep stable and consistent groups within our sessions.

How do I register for a class?

Registrations are completed online through our Customer Portal. If you child is a new student, please use our Online Registration Form. If you have questions about registering your child or run into any issues please contact us at (831)375-9335 or via email at risingstarmonterey@gmail.com.

Do your classes have waitlists?

Many of our classes may have a waitlist to enroll. If there is no waitlist for the class, we can enroll your child for the next available start date. If there are no spaces available, students are allowed to be on a maximum of 3 waitlists. We will contact families from the waitlist as space become available.

Can we join a class mid-month? Will my fees be adjusted?

Our programs are year-round and can be entered into at any time of the year as long as there is availability in your preferred class. Your child’s monthly tuition will be pro-rated appropriately when the start of the class is in the middle of the month. Annual membership fees are not pro-rated. Rising Star does not pro-rate fees for absences, make-ups or regularly scheduled holidays.

Is there a registration fee?

Rising Star Gymnastics has a $60 non-refundable annual registration fee that is due for each child prior to starting any class. This fee includes secondary coverage and is required for all students. Registration fees are renewed each year on the anniversary of your child’s enrollment. Annual membership fees are not pro-rated for any reason.

How do I make a payment?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, cash, or check for monthly tuition. We require all accounts to keep a credit card on file through our parent portal. Cards will automatically be run on the 27th of the previous month (i.e. February tuition will be run on January 27th). If you choose to pay by cash or check please make sure your payment is received BEFORE the 27th. Charges will continue until 30 days after you return a completed drop form to the office.

Do you prorate for holidays and gym closures?

We do not prorate any monthly tuition for holidays or gym closures. Rising star is a year-round program. Tuition is based on a 4 week per month class meeting time. Just as tuition does not increase for months where a class meets for 5 weeks, tuition does not decrease for those months where a class meets for 3 weeks. Monthly tuition includes the holiday breaks deducted from the annual tuition.

What are the schedule holidays for 2024?
  • Spring Break: March 25 – March 31
  • Memorial Day Break: May 27
  • Summer Break: July 4 – 6
  • Labor Day/ Staff Work Day: September 2 – 3
  • Thanksgiving Break: November 27 – December 1
  • Winter Break: December 24 – January 5
Do you offer make-ups if my child misses a class?

During the national pandemic we are unable to offer in person make-up classes in order to maintain consistent and stable groups.

What is Rising Star’s cancellation policy?

We require a written notice at least 30 days prior to the date you would like to cancel. In order to process your cancellation and avoid being charged for the following month, you must file your cancellation by email. You may send us an email with your child’s full name and class name and the last class date (minimum 30 days from receipt of email). The office will confirm your cancellation upon receipt.

We will be gone for 2-3 months during the summer. Can you hold my child's spot?

Rising Star does not have a “hold policy”. Monthly tuition is required to remain active in classes. If you do not wish to pay regular monthly tuition to guarantee your child’s spot, you must submit a cancellation notice at least 30 days prior to the date you would like to cancel (*See cancellation policy). If you know you are leaving for summer you can place your child on the wait-list for the same level class in advance in order to increase your chances of getting back into the class upon your return.

What should my child wear?
  • Gymnastics & Tumbling/Trampoline: Leotard or tight fitted athletic shirt AND shorts or athletic pants (Tight fitting preferred). NO skirts, tights or socks.
  • NinjaZone: All Ninjazone students must wear the NinjaZone t-shirt & headband and either shorts, leggings or athletic pants.
  • All Students: Hair MUST be secured off the face and tied back. Braids or ponytails are acceptable for students with long hair. Please do not use large bow, clips or baubles as they are uncomfortable and unsafe for your child.

Important Notes:

  • Shorts/pants with zippers, belts or snaps are not acceptable. No Jeans allowed.
  • No jewelry or watches are permitted during class. Students will be asked to remove jewelry and watches. We are not responsible for broken or lost items so we recommend leaving them at home.
  • If medical alert must be worn by your child, please secure it with athletic tape to the child’s body.
What are the drop-off and pick-up procedures?
  • In an effort to minimize contact between people, drop-off & pick-up will be at separate locations.
  • Drop-off will be at the gate at the front entrance (near Bodyworx). Pick-up will be at our back entrance to the parking lot off Helvic Ave.
  • We will begin checking students in 5 minutes before their schedule start time. Students must be picked-up no later than their scheduled class end time.
  • A parent/guardian must sign off on a health screening and students will have their temperature taken before each class. Anyone with a temperature over 100.4 or who answers yes to any of the screening questions will not be allowed to attend class.
  • Parents may not enter the facility at this time.
How does my child move up to the next level?

Our Preschool Gymnastics program classes (Gymini Crickets, Bitty Bugs & Tumble Bees) are based on age.  Each child will be promoted to the next level when they meet the age requirement for that level. All classes from the Beginning level to the Advanced level are based on skill acquisition. Each level has a specific list of skill requirements. All skills for that level must be consistently mastered before the student is promoted to the next level.

When is my child evaluated?

Students are continuously being evaluated during their class.  Several times per year we send home progress reports to parents to provide feedback about their student’s current progress in the class. We will contact you when your child is ready to move up to the next level!

How do I speak to my child's coaches?

Coaches have minimal time between classes. If your child’s coach is not available before/after the class, please send us an email with your questions and we will have your child’s coach contact you.

Do you offer private classes?

Yes. Private lessons are available to all currently enrolled in-gym students, however they are are currently on hold due to the pandemic. Private lessons are scheduled through the office during designated times. All students MUST have a completed registration form and non-refundable $60 annual registration fee prior to starting any private lessons or sessions.